Leasing Services

The world moves fast; you don’t have time to waste. You need an optimal property, and a strong lease. Put KW Commercial’s real estate expertise and extensive network to work for your business.

Our team offers a range of leasing services to fully accommodate your business, practice, retail, hospitality, and industrial needs. Whether you are trying to find a new location for your business or you have a property with which you want to build revenues, KW Commercial’s unsurpassed systems, processes – and of course, agents – are here to help.


Finding the right location is critical in running a viable - and profitable - business. From medical practices to large-scale production facilities, and from office space to retail stores, KW Commercial has the experience you need to navigate the commercial real estate world - and do so with confidence.

We seek to make the process as seamless and convenient as possible. Starting with needs assessments, our tenant leasing services extend to every step of the journey. Acquisition. Lease negotiation. Transaction management. Marketing. It is all part of the KW Commercial package.

Find out how our tenant leasing services can help you.


In the dynamic and fast-paced restaurant industry, finding the right location is not just important. It is often the key to a thriving business. Whether you need a smaller space for an intimate café or seating for 200+ and a fully equipped chef’s kitchen, our vast network ensures we will find the ideal facility for five-star success.

We will also handle the myriad of aspects related to market surveying, appraisals, acquisition, lease reviews, and negotiation.

KW Commercial delivers industry-leading leasing services. Don't leave your business’ future to chance. Take advantage of our restaurant leasing expertise and contact our commercial real estate experts today.


As a landlord, your goal is to obtain and retain reliable, creditworthy tenants. It is integral to your success. KW Commercial matches your property with the best potential prospects. Every vacancy is a drain on resources; we work tirelessly to bring the right occupants in and can even help you build a waitlist while respecting the sensitivity of managing current tenants.

It is possible to maximize rental rates. It is possible to to stabilize your operating income. It is possible to improve retention and position your property as a desirable, can’t-miss-out-on location. We will guide you through each step of the process so these goals are achieved efficiently.

KW Commercial’s landlord leasing services combine national and global reach with deep insight into the Florida market.

Put our landlord leasing services to work for you.