SBA Loan Application Checklist

  • Borrower Information Form for – for each proprietor, general partner, officer, director, managing member of an LLC, owner of 20% or more of the equity of the Applicant, Trustor (if the Small Business Applicant is owned by a trust), and any person hired by the Applicant to manage day-to-day operations. *Must be dated within 90 days of submission to SBA
  • Business Debt Schedule – Required for all businesses that reflect long-term debt on their most current BS. All debts should be listed with any debt that is being refinanced with the subject loan request noted. *Including Co-Borrowers, Affiliates & EPC.
  • Personal Financial Statement, for all owners of 20% or more, spouses, and proposed guarantors dated within 90 days *must be signed by the spouse even if the spouse will not be a guarantor. (Please be sure that the “as of date” is filled in where indicated.)
  • Copies of all Notes & Leases to be Refinanced, and if they are Same Institution Debt, payment transcripts for the Last 36 months, along with an explanation of any reported late payments or charges. – Lender must indicate in their credit memo that they have properly documented their credit file per the requirements as outlined in the SOP 50 10 5(H), page 112.
  • Current Income Statement and Balance Sheet – (both must be dated the same date, within 180 days of submission to SBA).
    FYE Income Statements and Balance Sheets or Federal Income Tax Returns for the most recent past 3 Years.
  • Cash Flow Projection, month by month, for one year – Required for all new businesses, and when applicable
  • Seller’s Financials, signed by the seller – Required when purchasing an existing business.
  • Franchise, Dealership & Licensee Agreement – If listed on the Franchise Registry at and a Franchise Certificate is available, only provide a fully completed Franchise Certification signed by an authorized agent for the franchise.
  • Business / Stock / Asset Purchase Agreements – Required when a business is to be acquired with an SBA loan.
  • Real Estate Purchase Agreements – Required when real estate is to be purchased with the SBA loan proceeds.
  • Real Estate Appraisals – Required at submission only for OREO Properties. Please see the SOP 50 10 5(H), page 110 to determine your responsibility as a lender for appraisal review.
  • Environmental Investigation Reports (see the SOP 50 10 5(H), pages 175-181 for detailed information).
  • Lease Agreement, with terms (including options to renew) at least as long as the term of the loan, if applicable.
  • Other Supporting Documents Not Identified Elsewhere such as Articles of Organization, Business Licenses, Documentation of Lawsuits, Judgments and Bankruptcy or other pertinent documentation.

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