At Keller Williams Commercial Real Estate, we're ready to help you make any commercial property purchase, and many of our biggest success stories come from those who have purchased multi-family residential buildings. Wondering why? These are one of the most defensive investment types in commercial real estate today.

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No matter what the economy, people still need a place to live, and your multi-family real estate investment could provide just that. At Keller Williams Realty, we offer both individual investors and institutions the opportunity to find the right multi-family properties available today.

Understanding This Investment

Multi-family residential building designs vary by location to location, and the size of the structure depends greatly on where you’re shopping. Home ownership and household formation rates in a given area can affect your tenancy numbers in multi-family buildings, as can local employment growth.

The bonus with this type of investment, though, is that leases are typically just one to two years in nature, and the rates tend to adjust to market conditions fairly quickly. A single vacancy often doesn’t matter in this setting, and while new construction may give you a bit of competitive pressure, the reality is that you can enjoy substantial success in this market.

Multifamily real estate makes up about 25% of U.S. commercial real estate stock, making it the second-largest share of investor real estate holdings. It’s easily one of the best choices available. As you look to invest in this asset class, you’ll not only want to consider the area, but also the type of building, its history, and the type of design involved in the building.